History of the Truck
"The Crusader"


The Fire Engine you are looking at is a 1988 Young Pumper.

In 1984, ten fire districts were consolidated into Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue.

This Fire Engine is one of the first fire apparatus

purchased by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.


This truck began its career at PBCFR Station 55 in Boca Raton

where it functioned as a front-line fire engine for many years.

It later entered our reserve fleet and was used as a fill-in unit

while front-line trucks would go in the shop for service.


Its last operational assignment was with PBCFR’s Special Operations program

where it was modified to serve as a tactical heavy rescue unit.


Now, after 25 years of service, it functions as an anchor point for Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue’s commitment to honor those who have passed away from cancer, to support those still fighting the fight, and those survivors who have conquered the battle. The Pink Pumper has been appropriately renamed, “The Crusader,”

as it will forever be crusading for a cure for all cancers.


We welcome you to sign the truck in honor of someone who has passed

or to encourage someone in the fight. Take as much space as you need, but leave as much space as you can for the thousands of others that wish to sign.


Crusade for a Cure:

Standing Tall


Driver Volunteers